Cristopher Burton

Chris Burton is a graphic artist who works across drawing and printmaking, his works are concerned with the personal interactions with provisional urban landscapes and architecture.

Printmaking is used to represent the temporality of different urban spaces. Drawing is employed as a structured response expressing architectural elements such as columns or building framework. The emphasis is on understanding the connections with place and how it is navigated when it is in a perpetual state of transition.

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Andriana Carney

Andriana Carney is an emerging artist practising on unceded Gadigal Land. Their interdisciplinary practice includes drawing, printmaking, fibre work and installation. Their work is observational at its core. Each print is deeply reflective of the communities and environments they are a part of. Through this lens they delve into the fluid and changing relationship they have with their ego, sexuality and gender identity.

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Troy Donaghy

We perceive our own experience of reality as mutable and complex. For the painter this is evident in everyday experience. For Troy Donaghy painting enables the probing of subject matter connected with suburbia and the everyday so that objects and places that might be dismissed as banal can become sites of perceptual revelation. In his research the studio process of pictorial construction has sought to open possibilities within the conventions of painting so that the perception of subjects associated with suburbia and the everyday can transcend banality and become poetic. Throughout Donaghy’s practice these studio processes have evolved through a number of series of paintings. His approach to painting in his recent works is one that engages with an element of suburbia unique in its own subject matter and particular spatial relationships.

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Marcus Dyer-Harrison

Traversing modes of traditional and experimental printmaking, Marcus explores processes of collection and image reproduction. Investigating the relationships between image, context, interpretation, culture and behaviour, while critically analysing systems of authority and consumption. Through the assembly of historical visual references Marcus creates works for both analogous and polysemic reading.

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Monica Rani Rudhar

Monica Rani Rudhar is a multidisciplinary artist working across video and sculpture. Born to Indian and Romanian migrant parents, her work explores notions of loss and grief that stem from cultural displacement. Her work takes the shape of a restorative autobiographical archive that seeks to heal the broken links of her familial and cultural ties. Her practice attempts to preserve personal stories, songs, traditions and rituals that have been dispersed by migration and the lack of documentation between generations. The content of her work is largely informed by conversations with her distant relatives and immediate family, mythology and personal experiences.  She also adopts the use of traditional materials that draw on the practices present in her family lineage including Ayurvedic medicine and jewelry making. These links help her create emotional ties that strengthen the fabric of her identity and encapsulate the substance of her genealogy.


Olga Svyatova

Olga Svyatova is an interdisciplinary artist whose work deconstructs and examines themes of everyday, personal and collective memory, identity, intimacy, and interconnectivity. Working across photography, printmaking, sculpture and textile the artist compels viewers to reflect on the connections that sustain our everyday lives. Born and raised in Russia, and now based in Gadigal Country (Sydney), Svyatova's experience of cultural, geographic, and personal relocation drives their practice.

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Lois Waters

Lois Waters works with drawing, printmaking and weaving processes to understand material properties and their interactions. Her work considers the unique ability of the printed image to operate as a surface, an object or a simulation of both. She creates woven paper and plywood forms which function as printmaking plates rather than objects in themselves. In the final image these original forms are only partially revealed and their imprint takes on new resonance.

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Mori is a young space for architecture’s fuzzy edges. It is parallel to academic and professional institutions, providing an alternative platform for continued learning, knowledge-sharing and critical discussion about the ways in which we build our world. Mori runs open, collaborative programs of exhibitions, live events and informal gatherings by and for all those working with architecture, environment and space.

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Stolon Press

Stolon Press was started in Sydney in 2019 by Tom Melick and Simryn Gill as a way to publish texts and images that might easily fall through cracks or remain in boxes and bottom drawers. Its growing list of titles follows the paths of friendships and longstanding conversations. Like the plants from which it takes its name, Stolon Press works close to the ground, opportunistic in modest terrain and untended places.

Contributions by Aveek Sen, Diane Fortenberry, Elisa Palacio, Elisa Taber, Eugene Choi, Geddes & Walter, Juan Laxagueborde, Judy Annear, Khaled Sabsabi, Robert Milne, Ruud Ruttens, Simryn Gill, Tom Melick, Vaughan Wozniak O'Connor, William Eric Brown.

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We acknowledge and pay respect to the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which Tiles operates.